1/15/2019 (7 Hours):

  • Attended meeting with NDSR Art Resident, Jean Moylan, Guggenheim to discuss her current project “Preservation and Access of Digital Audiovisual Assets at the Guggenheim.”
  • Completed user testing for a new feature in

1/22/2019 (7 Hours):

  • I received a request from Sumitra to check a list of 17 web sites relating to art looting and restitution. I checked to see if the links were still active and created a spreadsheet with information about their current state, including their relevance to our current collection and the web maintainer’s contact information.

1/29/2019 (7 Hours):

  • Attended the WebRecorder Community Call (via Zoom), which included brief presentations and updates on the WebRecorder project.
  • Discussed practicum project with Sumitra and created a shared drive for Safiye and myself
  • explore the possible ways WARC file can be interacted with, including a few python libraries. Unfortunately, I did find many were out of date (i.e. ran on Python 2) or had little-to-no documentation

1/31/2019 (7 Hours):

Farris Wahbeh (Left) and Ben Fino-Radin (Right) at “Safeguarding and Activating Digital Video Information in Cultural Institutions” (Photo credit: NDSR)

2/6/2019 (7 Hours):

  • QA: Restitution Websites – Day 1 – (Checked 17 potential sites to see if they were still active, created spreadsheet for status, including last update, contact information, and if capturing was or was not recommended)
  • Reviewed new Frick Collection Crawl Report
  • QA: The Frick Collection Website and patched crawled missing photos on the “Collections” page.

2/12/2019 (7 Hours):

  • Restitution Websites – Day 2 –  (Checked 17 potential sites to see if they were still active, created spreadsheet for status, including last update, contact information, and if capturing was or was not recommended)
  • Virtually attended “Works in Progress: Collections as Data” Webinar with Thomas Padilla (hosted by OCLC)

2/13/2019 (7 Hours):

  • Webrecorder User testing, which entailed trying out new features that were in beta. Feedback was prepared as a short report and sent to the Web Recorder team.
  • QA: The crawl report for this months capture of the Frick hit its data limit, which was unusual. Sumitra and I determined it was because of new video content that had been added to the Frick’s website

2/19/2019 (7 Hours):

  • Videos hosted on Vimeo and YouTube were not being captured well with Archive-It. We decided that Web Recorder could be used to capture videos and the resulting WARC file could be uploaded to the NYARC Archive-It account.
  • QA: the NYARC Website and found that little patching was needed.
  • Worked with IT to get OpenRefine and Python installed in the Fellows workstation

2/21/2019 (7 Hours):

  • Overview of Digital Lab for Pratt Web Archiving Fellows
  • Safiye and I toured the Digilab and learned about the different photo and scanning technologies available at the Frick.
Book scanning Station at the Frick’s Digital Lab (Photo credit: Frick Collection)
  • Safiye, Sumitra and I discussed ideas for the practicum and possible visualization ideas. Sumitra also shared several resources with us.

2/26/2019 (7 Hours)

3/5/2019 (7 Hours):

  • Explored Archive-It’s Research Services (ARS), which makes derivative datasets from WARC files available to researcher. Did some research on these derivative file types (WANE, LGA, and WAT).
  • Requested WANE files from Archive-It’s Research Services via a support ticket. This ticket was answered several days later.

3/19/2019 (7 Hours):

  • Reviewed monthly crawl report for the Frick Collection
  • QA: Patched missing photos from the collection and used WebRecorded to capture videos not captured with Brozzler
  • QA: Patched missing images from finding aids hosted on the Frick Website

3/26/2019 (7 Hours):

  • QA: Patch crawled missing photos from the Grand Tour in Venice Website (~150 photos)
  • Created catalog records for three websites – SouthFirst (Gallery), Lesley Heller Gallery, Levy Gorvy Gallery.
  • Discussed cataloging issues with Mark and Sumitra (i.e. how should we cataloging live and archived sites?)

4/2/2019 (7 Hours):

  • QA: Reviewed last crawl and patch crawled additional missing photos from the Grand Tour in Venice Website
Helen Frick’s Diary written during a trip to Venice in 1912, The Grand Tour in Venice

4/11/2019 (7 Hours):

  • Cataloging Meeting with Mark, Debra, and Safiye regarding metadata records for live and archived websites in the NYARC Collection
  • Discussed practicum project and layout of the WordPress Website

4/16/2019 (7 Hours):

  • Synced NYARC Collection to Archives Unleashed Cloud. Requested the Frick Collection and Restitution of Lost or Looked Art to be analyzed
  • I had problems with a recent WARC for a video that would not capture; a support ticket was submitted to Archive-It
Screen capture from the Archives Unleashed Project

4/24/2019 (7 Hours)

  • Worked on WordPress site
  • Received response to support ticket concerning problems with embedded videos on the Frick Collection website. Confirmed that the Moroni video that was embedded twice (once on the home page, and once on the videos page) was in the collection. I asked for further assistance since the area where the video should be contains unicode replacement characters.

4/25/2019 (7 Hours):

  • Performed user testing for Webrecorder regarding a new sponsor/donor feature that they are adding to their website

4/29/2019 (2 Hours):

  • Attend the NYARC + Columbia University Web Archiving Meeting
  • I presented on my experience with Archives Unleashed and presented my visualizations made in Gephi.

4/30/2019 (7 Hours):

  • Performed user testing for TimeMap Visualization from Old Dominion University. This tool using an algorithm to determine unique changes to websites.

5/7/2019 (7 Hours):

  • Final Presentation and Reception for Pratt Fellows!