01/24/2019 (7 Hours)

  • Received a request from Brooklyn Museum Archivist J. E. Molly Seegers to capture four of the museum’s social media feeds, which are being discontinued and removed from the web. Captured using Webrecorder.
  • QAed the Ivy Brown Gallery website

01/31/2019 (7 Hours)

  • Worked from home due to inclement weather. Continued to QA the Brooklyn Museum’s website.
  • Attended 4PM panel talk “Safeguarding and Activating Digital Video Information in Cultural Institutions” at METRO with Sumitra and Genevieve.

02/06/2019 (7 Hours)

  • Resolved a crawler trap on the Brooklyn Museum website; the crawler was busy capturing redundant content. Adjusted three new “ignore if contains text…” rules to seed scope.
  • Continued to QA the Brooklyn Museum Egyptian, Classical, Near Eastern Art Collection
Lion-Headed Gaming Piece, 1 of 5, ca. 1938-1630 B.C.E. Creative Commons-BY (Photo: Brooklyn Museum)

02/14/2019 (7 Hours)

  • Worked on two new MARC records for cataloged live sites:
  • After cataloging, I continued work activating content in the Egyptian, Classical, Near Eastern Art Collection. I accidentally forgot to switch to QA mode while going through the website though! Wasted two hours and had to repeat everything. Oops! Had a smaller patch crawl than I wanted as a result. 928 Total Docs; 622 New Docs; 84.4 MB Total Data; 82.6 MB New Data.


Fragment of a Head with Shaven Skull, 4th-3rd century B.C.E. Creative Commons-BY (Photo: Brooklyn Museum)
  • Reviewed yesterday’s patch crawl.
  • Reviewed the 5 day limit test crawl begun two weeks ago on 02/06/19. It looks as though the adjustments to the collection scope rules was successfully able to resolve the crawler trap. Upon review of the New Docs captured by this crawl, however, I realize that I missed a few other URLs that should also be blocked to avoid similar traps and capturing of redundant content. I will speak with Sumitra about running a second test crawl in order to test this assumption before adjusting collection scoping rules. Is a second test crawl necessary? Spoke with Sumitra and we agreed to save the crawl data from the test crawl. Also got her go ahead to adjust collection scope so that the additional URLs are blocked.
  • Performed QA on the Egyptian, Classical, Near Eastern Art Collection and began a patch crawl. Made progress, as I went from the 630th to 809th object in this particular collection.

02/28/2019 (7 Hours):

Head from a female sphinx.
Head from a Female Sphinx, ca. 1876-1842 B.C.E. Creative Commons-BY (Photo: Brooklyn Museum)
  • Spoke with Sumitra regarding practicum project.
  • Last night I brainstormed an idea for how to more efficiently perform QA on the Brooklyn Museum’s item-level URLs with size4 images, which are not being effectively caught by the crawler. The solution: go directly to the source code click on the hyperlink URLs. Attempted this solution, however, and it didn’t work in practice, as within the source code the URLs are not hyperlinked; only the responsive thumbnail images are.
  • Began a catalog entry for Skoto Gallery. Created a key to use as reference for future cataloging assignments, with each field and its indicators and subfields outlined.

03/06/2019 (7 Hours):

  • Genevieve began the data set for the NYC Galleries data visualization. Last night I entered the gallery addresses, longitude, and latitude, as well as half of the Active/Inactive column.
  • Revised and completed Skoto Gallery catalog entry for archived website.
  • Continued QAing the Brooklyn Museum Egyptian, Classical, Near Eastern Collection item level pages and a little within Asian Art. I have now QAed over 1,000 item level pages and their respective size4 images!

03/28/2019 (7 Hours)

  • Continued QAing the Egyptian/Classical collection. Experiencing issues with Archive-It servers. Getting 503 errors and 400 Bad Request errors. Also, an HTTP Status 500.
Canopic Jar with Cover, ca. 1539-1075 B.C.E. Creative Commons-BY (Photo: Brooklyn Museum)

04/04/2019 (7 Hours)

  • Continued to QA the Brooklyn Museum Egyptian, Classical, Near Eastern Collection item level pages.

04/10/2019 (7 Hours

  • Completed a catalog entry assigned to me in the shared online resources catalog google sheet.
  • Sumitra is back from Utah! We caught up. She assigned me a new gallery website to QA: Pace Prints.
  • QAing the Pace Prints gallery, but encountering many 503 errors and other issues related to the server being overburdened.
  • Had challenges patching video content from Vimeo. Ran very small crawl. Wasn’t able to capture embedded Vimeo content. It is either not registering as a missed URL, even after it’s clicked on, or it is registering as present but invalid. I will try to get the URLs and to capture them even though they are registering as invalid. Submitted a support ticket.
  • Suggested scoping rule adjustments for Brooklyn Museum monthly crawl.

04/11/2019 (7 Hours)

Serapis, 30 B.C.E.–395 C.E. Creative Commons-BY (Photo: Brooklyn Museum)
  • Today I am only in for a half day, as I have my practicum section meeting at 3PM. I wanted to come in today to work with Genevieve. We discussed delegation of sections of the project, as well as our WordPress design, etc.
  • Added a SERT scoping rule discussed yesterday with Sumitra as a possible solution to the Vimeo embedded video issue and ran a test crawl.
  • Continued QAing Brooklyn Museum Egyptian, Classical, Near Eastern Collection item level pages.

04/18/2019 (7 Hours)

  • Worked on WordPress site.
  • Received a response to my 04/10 support ticket on 04/16. They suggested the solution Sumitra had proposed. I looked at the results of the 04/11 – 04/12 one day test crawl, however, and it still did not allow for the embedded videos to be watchable, despite listing them in the captured New Docs list. Responded to Karl-Rainer with information and relevant screenshots.
  • Continued to QA the Brooklyn Museum Egyptian, Classical, Near Eastern Collection item level pages.

04/24/2019 (7 Hours)

  • Worked on WordPress site and presentation
Enjoying the arrival of spring on the Frick’s terrace.

04/25/2019 (7 Hours)

05/01/2019 (7 Hours)

  • Worked on Frick presentation.
  • Ran a patch crawl capturing all of the collection level pages on the Brooklyn Museum’s Egyptian, Classical, Ancient Near Eastern Art collection. This will allow for further automated capture of thumbnails and item-level pages.

05/02/2019 (7 Hours)

05/07/2019 (7 Hours)

  • Presentation

05/09/2019 (7 Hours)

  • Patch crawled Brooklyn Museum collection pages for the Pacific Island, Islamic Art, and American Art collections to help improve regularly scheduled crawls that can now more easily capture item-level pages.
  • Patched crawled new exhibition pages on Bruce Silverstein.

05/15/2019 (7 Hours)